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PREORDEN Kilian Paris - Miniature Eau de Parfum Set

$252.00 USD

Set Description: This year, KILIAN Paris introduces a new holiday set: the Miniature Eau de Parfum Set. It’s the ultimate statement gift, featuring five miniature carafes, each filled with 10 mL of a KILIAN Paris perfume, ideal to explore The Liquors olfactive family.

About the Bottle: The set features five miniatures taking the shape of the iconic KILIAN Paris carafe. The miniatures are engraved with the iconic "K" on each side. The five miniatures come in a black-and-gold box. Each gift set is wrapped in black gift paper with gilded and graphic diamond iconography.

About the Fragrance: Angels' Share is an angelic fusion of cognac oil with a blend of oak absolute, cinnamon essence, and tonka bean absolute. Roses on Ice is an icy sensation of juniper berries enhanced by the freshness of cucumber and rose petals. L'Heure Verte is a unique woodsy fragrance made with absinthe, violet leaf, and patchouli. Apple Brandy on the Rocks is a crisp fruity blend harmonizing with brandy—re-created using notes of rum, moss, and vanilla. Vodka on the Rocks is a frozen shiver of aldehyde, cardamom, and oak moss.

This Set Contains:
- 5 x 0.34 oz/ 10 mL eau de parfums in Angels’ Share, Roses on Ice, L’Heure Verte, Apple Brandy on the Rocks, Vodka on the Rocks


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