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PPI SELR Sealer Spray

$23.00 USD

Net wt. 1 fl oz

CANICA AZUL: Blue Marble SeLr is a water-based alternative to the tougher Green Marble SeLr Sprayand is an excellent sealer for those with more sensitive skin or those who have negative reactions to alcohol-based products. As the water-based sister to the Green Marble, The Blue Marble SeLr Spray is durable enough for street makeup and heavy theatrical RMG looks, yet safe for sensitive skin or as an alternative to alcohol-based sealing sprays! Gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough for special effects just short of underwater work.

ZERO: The newest addition to the Marble Sealer Family! Zero Marble Sealer is the perfect 'go-to' product for most sealing applications. Lighter than both the Green Marble Sealer, and the Blue Marble Sealer, Zero Marble is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. it is very gentle and light enough for everyday use.


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