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Melt Cosmetics - Monarca Blush Palette

$70.80 USD $88.50 USD

Net wt. 15.83g

Milagritos – A matte soft peach tone that’s wonderful for creating a delightful natural flush.
Vida – Liven up your cheeks with a wash of this rose gold blush. Layer this shade on top of a matte blush shade to add a warm pink glow.
Feliz – This golden peach tone adds a cheerful glow and doubles as a highlight. Spritz your brush with water or setting spray before applying to intensify the golden shift.
Sonrisa – Soft burnt orange gives a warm and joyful flush. This shade doubles as a bronzer for a sun-sculpted look.
Conmingo – An endearing matte rust tone you will always want by your side. The rich, warm undertone beautifully compliments deep skin tones.


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