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Ella Beauty - Detox Color Wash Pack "Green Tea + Vitamins"

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Vitamin-Rich Green Tea Detox Wash Pack for beautiful skin solution

Green Tea and Vitamins DETOX Wash Pack is a bubbling face mask that nourishes the skin. The antioxidant properties in green tea extract helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and brighten skin tone. It also removes dead skin cells and impurities for smoother and softer skin.

Directions & Tip

After washing and drying your face, apply a generous amount of product into hands and massage in a circular motion. Wait for a few seconds to let the bubbles pop up. Massage again in a circular motion. Wait for 3 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Avoid eye area.

Key Ingredients

Gardenia Fruit
Soothes sensitive skin, corrects skin tone, and helps heal troubled skin caused by hypersensitive skin reaction.

Green Tea
Assists with pore contraction through anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activity, keeping the skin fresh and soft. Refreshes and revitalizes tired and aged skin due to oxygen free radicals.

Coptis Chinesis
Protects, moisturizes and helps soothe irritated skin by lowering skin temperature and retaining hydration.

The Vitamin B in Panthenol efficiently helps skin regeneration and inhibits excessive secretions of sebum.

Schisandra Chinesis
Lignans in Schisandra Chinesis prevents cell damage, skin aging and helps repair damaged skin. It also contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain skin elasticity.

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