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Ecotools - Luxe Facial Massage and Skincare Tool

$18.50 USD

Soothe, cool, and refresh skin with the EcoTools Luxurious Facial Massage Tool. Perfect to prep your skin for the day and treat your skin at night!

  • Skincare massaging tool that is designed with dual ends to massage products into the skin and a ball end for removing puffiness
  • EcoTools skin care facial tool is best paired with your favorite undereye cream, serums, oils, and moisturizers
  • Facial tool is made of cooling stainless steel that helps to calm inflamed skin, puffiness, and soothing the skin
  • This beauty massager for your face has a textured head to help massage products deeper into the skin
  • Ball end on the massaging tool works best under the eyes to help reduce puffiness
  • High quality, stainless steel, luxurious, facial massager skin care tool
  • Facial massager tool is easy-to-use and clean while giving you a luxurious, radiant complexion
  • The face massage tool has a ball roller to depuff and brighten while helping product absorption into your skin to remove puffiness and cooling your skin
  • Part of the EcoTools Luxe Collection


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